All rig move permits must be pre-paid by Credit Card only (Mastercard or Visa).

Effective July 1, 2012, All companies are required to obtain Rig Move Permits from the MHA Nation Department of Transportation and MUST possess a copy of their T.E.R.O. Business License at ALL times during Transportation Moves.

The Single Trip Permit Fee for Overweight/Overload is $200.00 and ONLY valid for ONE DATE only. One time special permit fee is $100.00 for those that have no TERO or DOT Stickers that are moving loads onto the Fort Berthold

SINGLE TRIP PERMITS ONLY that is, from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ and cannot be used for more than one trip. Must be used within 72 hours from time of requested travel.

If your vehicle is a Crane, Workover Unit (Rig), Oversized Vehicle, Overweight, or Earth Moving Equipment, Construction Vehicle, you MUST obtain a Special Moving Permit from the MHA Nation Department of Transportation.

These Special Moving Permits do NOT give you blanket authority to use county roads that have WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS. These Special Moving Permits ONLY authorize you travel on B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Roads.

State/County Permits are NOT valid on B.I.A. Roads.

All blanks on the permit application must be filled in and they should be printed and legible and returned before movement occurs. If not complete, the permit will be considered VOID by any MHA Nation Highway Patrol Officers, MHA Nation Motor Carrier Inspectors, T.E.R.O Compliance Officers, TAT Law Enforcement Officers, and TAT Wildlife Game & Fish Officers.

If the Owner/Operator fails to have a Special Moving Permit the driver will receive a Citation for a Fine of $500.00 on behalf of the Company they are moving for.

MHA Nation Department of Transportation has the authority to suspend any Company and/or Prime Contractor or VOID permits issued for any violation of the permit regulations. Permit application must be emailed to: prior to move.

MHA Nation Billing Department will collect all Permit Applications and will maintain a Owner/Operator file.

  • Pre-approval is needed prior to move. Any movement without approval is subject to fines by MHA Nation.
  • 50 permits is $10,000 (one time flat fee).
  • Prime contractor and/or mover is responsible for getting Rig move permits.
  • It is also your responsibility to return any permits back to MHA Nation DOT once movement has occurred.