Single Trip Permit is for companies with a TERO ID and MHA DOT Decal moving a vehicle that is overweight or oversized.
Companies without a TERO ID & only use twice a year will need a Single Special Trip Permit.
Permits require complete route of travel not just BIA roads travelled (be detailed).


Must have Entry and Exit PERMIT!!!


Required Information

  1. Company information & TERO ID#
  2. Vehicle Information: Plate Number, Vehicle Weight, Complete Vin Number, Make, and Year
  3. Trip Information: Load description, BIA Route, Date of Travel
  4. Location information: Rig Number or Name of Location



*credit card transitions are subject to a 3.09% fee

*Permits that are applied for after 4:30 p.m. will be processed the next day (except for weekends & holidays)*

  • Permits are required when you are driving on a B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Route.
  • Approved permits are found online when logging into your account.
  • All permits are valid for the requested day only (exception of rig move permits).
  • Trips are defined as traveling from point “A” to “B” and can not be used for more than one trip.
  • Permits are valid for ONLY day of requested travel.  1/2 hour AFTER sunrise & 1/2 hour BEFORE sunset.
  • Astringent or special circumstances allow the date to change and you must have prior approval from MHA DOT.
  • Permits are not valid on state recognized holidays or during inclement weather.
  • Vehicles that need a permit: Cranes and work over units (rig)
  • Any construction/earth moving vehicles exceeding the following dimensions must obtain a special moving permit: oversize or overweight vehicle (8′ 6″ wide, 14″ height) (105,500 lbs. or above)
  • These permits to do not give you blanket authority to use county roads that have weight restrictions. These are only authorized for B.I.A. (Bureau of Indian Affairs) Routes.
  • Permits need to be obtained before movement occurs. Without a permit, a citation will be given.
  • Permits that are applied for after 4:30 p.m. will be processed the next day (except for weekends)
Citations are issued if the company does not have a TERO Business License, DOT Decal or Special Moving Permit while doing business on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.

How to Apply Online

Create Account button on the Login Screen from the MHA DOT Quick Entry application.

Step 1

Create Account and verify email address to activate account
Login Screen from the MHA DOT Quick Entry application.

Step 2

Log in using your username and password
Application Selection screen from the MHA DOT Quick Entry Application.

Step 3

Select “Applications” & select the permit you need
New Application button in the MHA DOT Quick Entry Application

Step 4

Click the “New Application” button and complete the form

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my permit?

Processed permits & receipts are directly emailed to the specified email on the application. You can print a copy of the permit from your online application by selecting the print option next to the processed application.

Who do I contact if I have questions about my processed permit?

Shawnta Everett can be reached by phone or email. Please have the last 4 digits of the processed permit ready when requesting any changes or a receipt.

I am unable to submit a payment online, what do I do?

Call the office and any of our employees will be more than happy to get a credit card over the phone or change your online credit card in the system

What is considered overweight & oversized?

105,500 lbs. or Above


14′ High & 8’6″ Wide


Office: (701) 627-6237 or 627-6243
Fax: (701) 627-4544

Hours of Operation

  • 8:00am – 4:00pm
  • 12:00am – 1:00pm