If you’d like to reserve your personalized license plates please send in a written request to our office via email
Pricing for all vehicles depends on the weight and the year of the vehicle being registered – If you would like a quote please email or call our office directly

Enrolled Members Need The Following Documents

For new registrants & transfer plates
  1. Properly assigned titles or manufactured certificate of origin, bill of sale, lien release
  2. Tribal enrollment card and a valid Driver’s License
  3. Current insurance for each vehicle (optional MHA Tribal Code SL1967 39-16-18, unless  lien holder requires full insurance coverage)
  4. Proof of current physical address within the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation: utility bill or three pieces of current mail
  5. Handicap placards and plates are available if approved by a doctor. Please use the Handicap form on our website.

License plates will be available for motor vehicles, campers, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles, utility trailers and boat trailers.


Registering Tribal Government Vehicles

For Program and Segment Vehicles

New vehicles must be updated with the Fixed Assets program PRIOR to updating with the MHA Licensing Department

  • The Fixed Assets program will update MHA Licensing with the proper documents and fill out an application for each program’s vehicle.
  • When the proper documents are received, MHA Licensing will issue a TEMPORARY permit and invoice for the individual program.
  • After the program pays the invoice for MHA Licensing, the registration and plates will be issued.
Personalized plates are also available for any program or segment by request.
Tags for the Tribal Government vehicles do not expire.

The MHA Nation license plates will be available to those who live within the boundaries of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation

FBIR Border Map


If you have more questions contact Motor Vehicle Licensing (701) 627-4513
Will the fees be paid with the tribe or the state?

Enrolled members would only pay the MHA DOT Licensing Administration, the fees would be for tags, license plates, renewals, plate fees or for other vehicles on the road.

Is it a requirement for tribal members to buy the MHA Nation plates?

No, this is optional. The enrolled member can still have the ND state plates if they choose.

Is this only available to enrolled members?

Yes, the MHA Nation plates are available to tribal enrolled members only.

Can enrolled members buy plates for non-enrolled members?

There is an exception. If the enrolled member is married to a non-enrolled and BOTH names are on the title, they will be able to get a MHA Nation license plate.

Are my plates recognized by the state?

Yes, the MHA DOT Licensing Administration will have a compact agreement with the state of North Dakota for the MHA license plates and tags.

Where is the MHA DOT Licensing office located?

We are located downtown New Town; 335 Main Street, next to Sportsman’s Bar and Game & Fish

Is there a financial investment for the tribe to license vehicles, if so where will the money go?

This program will be very lucrative for the MHA Nation at the discretion of the MHA Nation TBC, any money that flows into the MHA DOT licensing program can create jobs, or a percentage of the money can help other tribal programs.

Will I be profiled if I have my tribal plates and drove off the reservation?

All patrol officers need probable cause when stopping drivers. Always practice good driving.

What types of vehicle plates are available?

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, pick up, motor home, ATV, and pull trailers.

We are currently NOT ABLE to license or title the following: Semi-trucks, Semi-Trailers, Watercraft or vehicles over 55,000 lbs.